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With over 20 years of Landscape & Hardscape lighting experience we learned our industry needed a simple line of products. Our unique adjustable and replaceable features on our products cover most landscape and hardscape lighting applications. Our products are innovative with custom designed features at a very affordable price.

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Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Offering Landscape Lighting Maintenance The lights are installed, the patio project is finished, and the lawn is seeded—off to the next job—BUT are you offering a lighting maintenance? In our world of ‘low maintenance’ landscapes and everlasting LED lamps in our...

5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Landscape Lighting System

5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Landscape Lighting System

Investing money in an outdoor lighting system is something that can go very well or very wrong. There are so many different fixtures, techniques, and options when it comes to lighting systems. How do you know what way to go? What fixtures to use? Where to put the...

Outdoor Lighting Curb Appeal

Outdoor Lighting Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting is a new feature that many homeowners are choosing to add to their outdoor space. The illumination of a walkway or patio adds great aesthetics and personal safety for yourself or any visitors on your property in low light conditions. April through...

Our simple, affordable, and innovative landscape & hardscape lighting products ae available to consumers for direct purchase. Our team is comprised of skilled engineers, designers, and outdoor lighting professionals. Our innovative high-quality products are industry leading. This is why we back the construction for the life of our fixtures and offer unique key features.



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